Educators Training Course


What happens during the Educators Training course?

During Magrida’s Educators Training Course, we explore formal teaching theories, principles, and teaching tools. The small-group training format keeps the course interactive. Over the course hours, your tutor begins by before introducing you to some well-established concepts. They support you to deliver a 1-to-1 teaching session and then a small group tutorial. This builds your confidence and gives you experience in applying the theory you have learned. Next, you work as part of a small team, preparing and delivering a longer teaching session to the whole group. We discuss the different approaches required for each of these situations in depth with emphasis on your individual requirements. So you learn from delivering your own teaching sessions and receiving feedback. You also learn from experiencing teaching from your fellow educators and your tutor supports you to practice giving constructive feedback.

What support materials are provided?

We continue supporting your learning long after the course. This is in keeping with the principles which we share with you on the course. Every teacher on the Educators Training course receives software and online resources during the sessions. We use this to support your learning at the course and it provides you with a valuable resource for future reference.

Teaching Topics / Techniques to be covered:

  • Common Core Standards
  • Virginia Standards
  • International Curriculums
  • Co-operative Learning Tools
  • SWOM
  • Kagan Structures
  • Critical Thinking Techniques
  • 21st Century Thinking Skills
  • National Schools Vs International Schools
  • Evaluation
  • Student-Centered
  • Lesson Planning

Level Duration:
16 – 20 hours

Class Duration:
4 Hours Per Week





At Magrida all courses scheduled for our Virtual Training Rooms are running as normal. They use Zoom meeting software to provide you with the same interactive experience as our face-to-face courses. This means you receive the same certificate as you would at our venue. Available dates for these courses are listed with our Registration Department.

For registration, WhatsApp us on +201093923213 OR send us an email via our website for more details.