Mr. Mohammed Gamal

Mr. Mohammed Gamal

Mental Math instructor

At Magrida I find support to my development by nurturing my personality, creating a transparent culture of trust collaboration, and appreciation.

A friend asked me once: How would you describe the word passion? Can you explain in brief?

Me: Passion is different for each person. Few people find passion in music and others somewhere else. If this question was asked me two years ago, then I would have given you the definition from any one of the dictionary.

After I started teaching math, I realized that teaching is my passion. It’s not that I was not satisfied with my old job as an engineer. The satisfaction I get after finishing my class is to the core. Also, to see the spark on the students’ faces when they understand what I had taught gives me a feeling that I have achieved some. This feeling is what I call passion, as I can see that I love teaching math to kids.