Ms. Shereen Mahmoud

Ms. Shereen Mahmoud

English instructor

Teaching with Magrida exposes me to a world of different nations, cultures, and the greatest diversity of personalities.

It’s Shereen Mahmoud, a passionate English Teacher. English is communicating language among all cultures and nationalities. Thus, it’s essential for everyone to learn it and to have at least their communication skills in English. That’s why English is my passion since my early childhood, as it allows me to make further interactions with everything around. I started my learning English journey in a language school. It truly added to my English knowledge and facilitated communication in English all the time. Moreover, here comes the turning point in my life which is joining Faculty of Arts, English Department in Cairo University. I owe that place a lot. I learned how to taste the language and beyond. To that level, I was only a passionate learner of English. Here my teaching journey starts, first I worked as an English Instructor for adults and teenagers in Harvest British College. It was my first step as an English teacher which added a lot to me and my career. After that I worked as an English Teacher for kids In Al Waha International School. It also added a new experience and new type of students who I can deal with. Next, I started to teach English in Cairo University in Language and Translation Center. That step made a remarkable difference in my teaching English journey. Working in Concept Training Center as an English Instructor continued my passion in teaching English for people who truly love to learn it. Plus working as an English Lecturer in Al Ahram Canadian University was a totally different step in my career as I taught academic curricula to university students. I turned back to my passion in teaching kids in schools by working in Smart Vision International School and my current work place Dome International School. Working with Magrida team is a pleasure as it’s a family-like team work that supports and helps to the max.


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UE-006Magrida Annual Spelling BeeFull DayJanuary 14, 2022