Mental Math Course


Course Objectives

At Magrida, we intend to improve and expand your kid’s math potential with this course. As many students struggle with math and basic arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Some of them even develop a phobia of mathematics. This course covers many shortcuts to do such arithmetic computations faster & more accurately. Your kids won’t be calculator dependants anymore. Instead, they will learn how to tackle math equations easier and faster!

Course Description

In this course, kids will learn the correct way to solve math equations fast and in their heads. They will discover that solving equations mentally is not as impossible as it seems. This course will cover addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication, giving examples and showing the correct way to get an answer. If you are a parent or an educator, this course will provide you with the knowledge you need to teach mental math through the right approach. At its core, this course makes learners look at arithmetic operations from a new perspective.

What kids will learn

  • How to do arithmetic computations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division faster
  • Short cuts for solving arithmetic problems
  • A refreshingly new way to solve arithmetic problems

This is a 2-in-1 course: Both Basic Advanced Aspects are included in a single course.

In addition to basic arithmetic operations, operations involving:

  • squares
  • square roots
  • fractions
  • percentages and
  • square roots of larger numbers & decimals are also covered.

A cool technique to verify the answer is also part of this program.

Smart mathematics techniques provide you with such a pathway where it focuses on the mental aspect of calculation as you learn to solve within seconds, making it effective and the process enjoyable.

Learning these techniques are going to put you at an advantage in terms of your:

  • Academic performance
  • Assessing numbers efficiently
  • Mental calculations
  • Career or in professional space
  • During competitions
  • To see the real beauty of the world


Smart mathematics is a tool for understanding math in a simple way and so it strengthens our basics so strongly and in an effective way that other processes of math become way more simplified.

Smart mathematics is for everyone, be it a teacher or a student or anybody who is interested to learn something useful and fun can benefit from this course.

Who this course is for:

  • School Students
  • Those preparing for competitive and entrance exams
  • Anyone with a passion for numbers


Common Questions:

Is mental maths tested in SATs?

Children will need to use mental maths skills in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 SATs, particularly in the Year 6 arithmetic paper 1.

How can I help my child with mental maths at home?

There are a number of ways to work mental maths practice into everyday situations. For example, doubling a recipe, counting change, double-checking receipts, and scoring a game of Scrabble all involve using knowledge of basic maths operations to work out the answers.

You can try to download online mental maths tests for Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, or Year 6, so your child can develop the quick problem-solving skills they need in an exam situation. Or, print off some online division speed grids and multiplication drills to help your child memorize their timetables and think of answers more and more quickly.

You can also use maths SATs past papers to practice the mental maths sections and become familiar with how the mental maths tests are administered. Each paper includes questions for you to read out, plus instructions on how to time your child and then mark their answers.

Secrets of Mental Math: The Mathemagician’s Guide to Lightning Calculation and Amazing Math Tricks By Arthur Benjamin, Michael Shermer







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