My Sunset Time

Drawing by: Maggie Mahmoud Salah


Hello everyone,

This is Maggie and I am 8 years old girl. I am sharing my memory with you.

I also drew the picture above, I hope you like it. 🙂

A sunset on a beach is really beautiful and special. I still remember that view which I witnessed for three days in a row in the Maldives Islands with my mom. The scene was breathtaking as we were in the middle of nature, huge green landscape, three different levels of blue color spread all over the sea and on the top of that was the different levels of yellow color covered the whole sky above us.

It was getting darker step by step at the time of the sunset, we were sitting quietly just to watch the sun going down to touch the sea till it disappears.

At last, we were sailing the boat going back to the hotel, taking shower, and having dinner before we sleep.

Since then I love sunset time, especially at the beach!

What about you guys? What is your memory about sunset time?


Written by: Maggie Mahmoud Salah, Magrida’s student


  • I like that memory ?? and your drawing is nice.
    My memory about the sunset is related to my best friend. We used to watch it together every day. But now she is dead 2 years ago. ?? I still go to watch the sunset at the same place. Please pray for her.??

    Mariana Reply
  • Your drawing is amazing. You’re a special girl ? you’re really talented ? I love you?

    Rania Reply
  • I like your drawing, you are so talented actually and you should keep working on yourself ??

    Zahraa Magdy Reply
  • Hello guys, I am happy to have such a site for kids like us. Thanks love you. 🙂

    Ayman Reply

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