Our Mission

Magrida’s mission is to help courageous students like you succeed in a global community. You are at the center of everything we do, which means that our focus is always on you.

At Magrida, you will find the needed help to reach the English level you are looking for.

We enhance the 21st century thinking skills to allow you to:

  1. Identify the assumptions needed to analyze the case or problem.
  2. Identify the relevant information presented in the case or problem.
  3. Identify the alternative solutions to the problem or case.
  4. Derive solution or discuss the best solution(s) to the problem or case. 
  5. Discuss the conclusions that follow from the solution(s).
  6. Discuss the implementation plan for the problem or case.

We provide the education, learning environment, and social program you need to make the progress you’re capable of.

Our courses will lead you to demonstrate an enhanced ability to describe your perspectives along with those of others associated with the situation.

Magrida’s Promise means that, as long as you follow your personalized learning program and take all the steps outlined for you, we promise that your English will improve.

We promise you

✓ A friendly learning environment.
✓ A high standard of teaching and student welfare.
✓ Appropriate facilities for language learning.
✓ Practical ideas and guidance for personal study outside lesson times.
✓ A varied social program to complement your learning.
✓ A quick response to any questions or problems.

Muchas gracias y abrazos fuerzas a los estudiantes en mi primer clase de Limited English. Their English may have been limited, but their desire to learn was unlimited.